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Devious Journal Entry

I’m very grateful for all the new watchers, favs, and page views. Thank you so much!!!  I’ve been a bit self conscious ab it so I have not been motivated to write a journal, after all I am by nature an introverted person, believe it or not, but I love sharing my cosplays. We are …

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Almost ready for Mechacon

We are closing the summer with Mechacon in New Orleans and I am really looking forward to this con. I am really excited and counting down the days. I actually was happy with the body suit I made for myself and I wasn’t even wearing any kind of slimmer, of course I still have girl …

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Short Update

This past weekend was Kamikazecon in Houston. The best part of the con was Johnny Yong Bosch band, Eyeshine. I went to both the concerts they had one on Friday and one on Saturday. I really really enjoyed them and I am now a huge fan. For those of you who don’t know them I …

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