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WCS Updates & Give-aways!

Hey everyone! Let’s just say the past few weeks and months have been hectic to say the least. Finally the holidays are completely out of the way, which for me is a big deal (since I love Christmas, and this year traveled home to visit family). After that settled down, I went into cosplay mode, …

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Post Onicon Update

Well its been almost a week since Onicon happened and in terms of the con it was one of the worst organized I have seen. This didn’t keep us from having a blast and it gave us a lot of opportunity to hang out with friends and take lots of pictures. We finally go to …

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Choker Tutorial

Hey guys, So between  and I, we put a together a little tutorial on how I made the choker for my pink dress Saya cosplay [link] I though it turned out really cute and there is a lot more you can do with it but those are the basic steps. We are practicing as we will be …

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Blood+, Kimonos and Sexy Shinobi!

      Three photoshoots in 1 week! I think I deserve a big cookie for this =D Make sure to check out these shoots, they are well worth it. ^_^ All images taken by FoxyCosplay at Mechacon 2011.  


Almost ready for Mechacon

We are closing the summer with Mechacon in New Orleans and I am really looking forward to this con. I am really excited and counting down the days. I actually was happy with the body suit I made for myself and I wasn’t even wearing any kind of slimmer, of course I still have girl …

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