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Blood+, Kimonos and Sexy Shinobi!

      Three photoshoots in 1 week! I think I deserve a big cookie for this =D Make sure to check out these shoots, they are well worth it. ^_^ All images taken by FoxyCosplay at Mechacon 2011.  


2 for 1 Special!

Well I finally had the time to get our new galleries updated on the website! I am so happy with how they turned out too. Lucky for everyone, not only did I post up the Blood+ shoot, I also finished up the Gravitation photoshoot as well ^_^ Gravitation is a yaoi fanservice shoot, so beware …

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Short Update

This past weekend was Kamikazecon in Houston. The best part of the con was Johnny Yong Bosch band, Eyeshine. I went to both the concerts they had one on Friday and one on Saturday. I really really enjoyed them and I am now a huge fan. For those of you who don’t know them I …

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Back and Ready!!!

I am back from vacation and I am so ready for cosplaying. Of course I have work to catch up on but I really want to work on cosplays. This week I want to finish up Saya and start Shizuka. This weekend I will be going to Kamikazecon, not sure what I will wear but …

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July around the corner

June went by so fast………but it was a good June. I’ve been trying to finish Saya’s dress all week but I kinda lost my inspiration. I’ve been working out more than working on cosplays but I am terrified of looking bad in the bodysuits so I can’t really get annoyed by that. Also the house …

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