Post Onicon Update

Well its been almost a week since Onicon happened and in terms of the con it was one of the worst organized I have seen. This didn’t keep us from having a blast and it gave us a lot of opportunity to hang out with friends and take lots of pictures. We finally go to spend time with the ladies form SeC-C cosplay :iconkiyara: and :iconalienrobot:. We had two photoshoots one for CCS and one for Inuyasha cosplays with the super talented and adorable :iconfallingfeathers: I can’t wait till she finishes editing our shoots.

We were really sad :iconsayuri13: and :iconlovelyyorange: weren’t able to make it but don’t worry guys it really wasn’t a great con and we can hang out and do shoots any time.

Our next con is Ikkicon, I already have almost everything I need to make those cosplays but of course we have a couple of other projects to do before then.

I am really looking forward to sharing the CCS we already have one but we are waiting for the rest and to see what Angelwing chooses to post before we post any but they are awesome the Inuyasha ones too!!!! Be sure to check out her gallery guys if you haven’t already. She has been doing this for quite a while as a hobby and she is also a cosplayer herself.

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    Great! thanks for the share!

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