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Well it has been a couple weeks since I last updated, but even in that short time I have lots to update about. Cons have happened, I gained a new member to my family, and now here I am trying to relax a bit after a really hectic October. I believe I hate October now, the worst things always happen to me during that month.

I suppose I’ll start off with how I got a new puppy – Joey. He is in addition to my other doggy Rox. He’s been sort of a handful, though he is really sweet. I ended up adopting him from a local rescue called Red Collar. He just seems to get along with everyone and is just super cute and nice. Here’s a pic of them chillin’ on my tiny couch:

Getting Joey really helped me a bit when I was feeling super down earlier this month, but with help from my friends I was able to pull through. Though.. I still did end up missing some deadlines for cosplaying

:iconruncryplz: I’m so sorry :iconmarikasan:

The deadline I missed was for our most recent con adventure – Onicon, where I didn’t finish our Transformed Tessaiga for our Inuyasha cosplays. However, we both knew it would have sucked to carry thatshit around all day. Plus I would have missed out on all of our awesome photos. Don’t worry, we’ll be getting another chance with the Tessaiga, and really the Inuyasha cosplays were super easy to wear and decently easy to put on. I haven’t gotten the images ready from our shoots yet, but here are a few that I managed to post, if you missed them.

is it weird that I want to pin up pictures of myself in Inuyasha cosplay?

And this is just the beginning. We also had an awesome shoot with :iconfallingfeathers: for both our Inuyasha cosplays and our other super cute CardCaptor Sakura cosplays. OMG I am so excited to post those =D I’ll just wrap up again with a big THANK YOU to all who have been faving and commenting on my cosplays. I <3 all of you! It just makes me so happy ^_^

Be sure to check back because soon I’ll be uploading tons of CCS and Inuyasha’s, not to mention Renfest images and more Corgi Armor and Doggy pictures =D

Thanks again all!!!!



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