Busy lately – as if that’s new

Well lately things are starting to pick up again. Cosplay things, photoshoot things, website things… fan fiction things, and of course a bit of drawing going on up in here. I don’t really know where to start, but I just wanted to post a journal entry, because sometimes I am a spaz like that.

I get stuck at work, feel this cosplay urge, but can’t do anything to sate it. So my best option is to hit DA and do something. Today it just happens to be a little journal entry where I freak out about all the crap I have to do.

:iconmarikasan: and :iconsayuri13: have been hanging around, and we’re just knocking out cosplay photoshoots left and right. You saw images from our Akatsuki shoot, and I took a ton of pics for our Code Geass shoot. Then not even two weeks later, we were back at it again with a Vampire Knight shoot. Holy crap, that ended up being a lot of work for the website.

FoxyCosplay.com <– GO THERE, it’s nice, i promise ^_^

And I updated our blog to post directly to our facebook, and even updated our gravatars to represent our DA avatars. OMG, i am so proactive.

Well that is what I should think, but really… I haven’t finished any of my ONICON projects, which is about a month away. I have a giant sword sitting on my cosplay table, and a ton of wigs that need sewn together. Here VERY soon, we’ll be announcing who we’ll be attending the con as, but it’s a surprise. Keep an eye on our FB if you happen to be interested. And really… you should be, it will be epic. ^_^

Well… I guess I can just hop off here, but I just wanted to do try and alleviate some of my cosplay jitters. I don’t think this will really help, but oh well. Hopefully it sticks around until I get home and I can actually get something done.