Devious Journal Entry

I’m very grateful for all the new watchers, favs, and page views. Thank you so much!!! :blowkiss:

I’ve been a bit self conscious ab it so I have not been motivated to write a journal, after all I am by nature an introverted person, believe it or not, but I love sharing my cosplays.

We are slowing down on photoshoots for the time being until the weather gets a lot cooler so we will focus on finishing cosplays. We are getting ready for the next three cons and we have quite a bit of experimenting to do, and on top of it all the other personal satisfactions cosplays we want to do…..I see ItachiXSakura fanservice in our future :laughing:

I will keep posts of my sewing progress, I’m bad about that but it shows things aren’t just made overnight (well most of the time) this mainly will go on FB

I’m actually really excited about our Onicon cosplays, we will only be preparing two sets of new ones and we might maybe have Joe cosplaying with us, if he makes it.

For Ikkicon we are only preparing one very special pair of cosplays which is going to be amazing!!!!!! As of right now we only plan on debuting one new  at Ikki, well I don’t count the VK since I didn’t make those but I will finally be wearing Zero to a con as well.

Well keep an eye out, I will be dealing with yards and yards and yards of red fabric again but I am actually really really REALLY excited to get them done, we will be wearing these out on a regular basis grocery shopping, errands, dates….even just to check our dA……yeah that is how big a fangirls we are over this character (and no it is not Suzaku or Shaoran and duh not Haji and Ayato doesn’t wear red either). We will see if anyone we haven’t told can guess and we will be sure announce it before the con.