MechaCon 2011

Just got back from our MechaCon trip and I must say it was GREAT!! The trip to and from was nothing but cosplay plans, which reminds me – I said I would help create the list of new cosplays we intend on doing in the next couple months. I was so excited I even made up business cards… but I only ended up passing out 1…

So where do I even begin on how great a time we had? Well… I guess for starters, if you’re interested in our immediate images, you can check out our Facebook. I just posted a little album of the random images we took. Most of fairly candid, with our actual photo shoots to be posted up soon.

MechaCon 2011 Facebook Album

We did a shoot for our Gai Sensei & Rock Lee cosplays, Blood+ with Saya and Haji and a Sexy Kimono (rather spontaneously). We also re-wore our Madame Red and Ciel cosplays for the cosplay contest, but since they are so exhausting to wear, we changed out of them pretty quickly once the contest came to a close.

I am really upset that I didn’t get to talk more with a few cosplayers we had met, Sec C Cosplay, but I am hopeful that we can spend some time in the future meeting up with them at other cons, and cosplay get togethers.

On a side note, we did do a bit of running around in NOLA, having a few drinks and watching the street performers. We also spent a good bit of time at Howl At the Moon, belting out our version of “My Ding-a-Ling” much to :iconmarikasan:‘s displeasure. LOL!

Anyways, I’ll be posting up images on our website and here on DA hopefully very soon. Can’t wait to get started on our next set of cosplays!!!!!

Good Night all!!1