Because we’re Pro

Maria and I had been gushing the past months of all we’re going to do with our cosplay group. We did the website and the facebook, but we really wanted to get our name out there when we head out to cons. Sure, we could have done a basic printout, with some info on how to find our group on the interwebs. Though, with a graphic designer on the team, it only seemed right to get a nice rounded business card to go along with the site.

Just recently I finalized designs on our logo, the Foxy, where the F is a cute little tail xD So I was able to use that and come up with a clean looking logo using our goldish coloring. I don’t know, I haven’t exactly picked out our pantone colors, probably should. Anyways, I just wanted to post something good, so what better than our new business card design. ^_^