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Oh My Gosh!

I have been so busy lately ^_^, in the best possible way of course though. Where to begin, well first I want to say thank you to those who voted for my OtakuHouse image, where I entered as Quon Kisaragi. I ended up with about 350 votes, and that is perfectly fine with me. I got some really sweet comments too, I was squeeling all over the place each time someone told me I looked like her.

Anyways, as for what else has been going, well Cosplay is probably the best place to start. I had been planning on building our website for about 2 months now, and finally released it about 2 weeks ago. I am not dead set on the layout, so some of the directories, and stuff may change. If your interested:

FoxyCosplay Facebook <– and if we get enough people, the page will get a cleaner link too =)

This is the site for my cosplay group, Foxy Cosplay comprised of Myself and :iconmarikasan:. So far we have had some great help with photography, :iconsayuri13: being one of our talented photographers. Our other main man doesn’t have a DA account, but to credit him, Team Zhang ;)

We have had a total of 6 photoshoots so far, but we are planning SO MANY more, and I’ll tell you what, I am so excited with the plans we have. Our group will be going to a couple conventions and new shoots, where we will be debuting at least 4-5 cosplays each, and that is just in August! We are thrilled, and as time gets nearer, we will be announcing our cosplay plans on the site under our Events page.

As for cons, I’ll be attending Saturday at San-Japan as Orochimaru, but I’ll say… I am terribly sad that my contacts didn’t come in on time, but that’s ok. We’ll get an Orochimaru photoshoot in, and get some awesome pictures to post. I am dying to try out the full face paint =) :iconmarikasan: will also be doing an Orochimaru with me, but his Jounin version. So if you’re going to be there, keep an eye out for us.

Our other Con – Mechacon – we’ll be doing a few cosplays that I have been dying to do since we met. I don’t want to give it away too soon though, but let me just say… if you don’t love these cosplays, I will do 1000 more awesome cosplays! Yosh!

On a little different note, I am working on a Wonderflex tutorial from my experience with the Quon Vest. You can read Part 1 on our blog, and part 2 will probably be finished next week. =)

And just incase anyone is actually wondering about my Fanfiction – Golden Dog – I am actively writing it again, and let me just say… I go to be squealing every night! I am loving it, and getting to know the characters I have developted is so much fun. Sadly, this story won’t be finished for a long time, just as I knew it wouldn’t be. When it does come out though, i’ll make sure to make a HUGE fuss over it. =) Then everyone will understand the fanart I have for Golden Dog, lol!

Anyways, thats if for now!

See ya’ll later!


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    This does look promising. I’ll keep comnig back for more.

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