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props, wigs, tailoring and other drafts currently in progress. Updates on Works in Progress.


Choker Tutorial

Hey guys, So between  and I, we put a together a little tutorial on how I made the choker for my pink dress Saya cosplay [link] I though it turned out really cute and there is a lot more you can do with it but those are the basic steps. We are practicing as we will be …

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Quon Vest Part 1: Wonderflex

Where to begin, there is just so much to go over. I’ll try to break it down. So… both Wonderflex and Friendly Plastic are polymer plastics, that when heated can be molded into different shapes. I haven’t done too many projects with either, but I gained a ton of knowledge from the 1 project I …

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Website up and Kamikazecon Updates!

Just a quick post about our new website being up. I just uploaded the files a day ago, and beginnning next week I am going to do some QA of the site, to tweak links and clean up the slideshows. I will also be adding the final edits to the styles, so I can put …

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Holy Crap updates!!!!

Oh my gosh, where to begin. A-Kon fever is over, but so many exciting things on the way. Been a while since I updated last, but I have been so busy! Things of course have been going for the best, and I have some really exciting projects coming up that have me itching to get …

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